Introducing New SFIS President, Treasurer: Frankenstien (a.k.a. “Frankie”) and Esperanza (a.k.a “Waffles”)

Our second event is fast approaching and a lot of changes are afoot at the house. Perhaps the most exciting is the introduction of two new important members of SFIS: Frankenstein and Esperanza:

On Friday of last week I was having lunch with Simon and Christopher at the restaurant previously known as Los Jarritos, when I received a phone call from my friend, Liz, who had been staying with us in between apartments. She told me that she’d wanted to get me a thank you gift but that she was suddenly a little concerned – she wasn’t sure where we were going to keep “them.” She then proceeded to tell me that our chef, Thomas, was on his way back to the city with two chickens. Two. Live. Chickens.

Now, as many of you know, we have a lovely backyard that any chicken would be happy to roam about in. But chickens need a coop. With nesting boxes. And a roost. And protection from night-time scaries. After the initial wave of panic passed, I took a quick vote from my luncheon companions to confirm that we were all on board to make this happen. We raced home to assess the situation. (Little known fact about this house: it is a real giver. You can find practically anything you might need or want in its mysterious depths, and chicken-coop building supplies are no exception!) We gathered up a huge roll of chicken wire, a panel I’d built for a painting, some cinder blocks, posts from a dismantled loft-bed and a nice, big branch from the yard, perfect for roosting. About a half an hour later, Thomas and Liz arrived with more chicken wire, some feed and zip ties… and chickens. Two, sweet little hens peeked out from paper bags.

I had to leave for work shortly after the birds arrived, but my lovely house-mates undertook the task of completing the (temporary) coop, and I think they did a pretty fantastic job:

Plans are in the works for a proper coop with all of the modern amenities, but Frankie and Waffles seem perfectly happy with their temporary digs. We let them out in the yard to dig and eat bugs for as long as we can in the afternoons. Frankie’s laying an egg every day so far, and we hope that Waffles will soon follow her lead.

Welcome Frankie and Waffles and thank you SO MUCH to Liz and Thomas, for making my dream of one day owning chickens a reality! Next up: BEES! (Seriously – if anyone knows anything about bees, let’s chat!)

UPDATE:Waffles laid her first egg today! Way to go, girl!

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