SFIS August and the SFCB Roadworks Steamroller Printing Fair

It’s raining. Why is it raining? It’s August and all I feel like doing is burying myself in down comforters and watching all of Rohmer’s Moral Tales in succession. Nothing like Frenchmen in espadrilles and freckled, bronzed teenage girls in bikinis on a grey afternoon. Perfect for napping. (P.S. My birthday is on Monday.)

Speaking of my birthday, we’ve rented a house on Tomales Bay for the weekend and I can’t wait to float around in one of those blow up things, eat oysters, and scratch bug bites. My own little Rohmerian getaway.

Two weeks after that, SFIS will meet again! On Sunday, August 29th, I will be giving a demo on linoleum carving / printing. Some of you know that I volunteer once a week at the SFCB. Every year, SFCB puts on an event called Roadworks in which a construction steamroller rolls over the carved blocks which are inked and laid end to end on the street. This month’s fair will be held on Sunday, September 19th. A few artists from the community are selected to create large linoleum blocks for the event. Anyone else who is interested in participating can purchase a 1′ x 1′ lino from the center for $10. The cost covers ink, paper, and printing. Everyone who contributes a lino will receive one copy of their print. A second copy will be sold at the fair to help support SFCB.

I will provide tools and inks for the demo (if you have your own, feel free to bring them). I can pick up linos from the center for anyone interested – (Please let me know so that I can gauge how many we’ll need. Cost is $10/lino.)

Anyone who would like to be added to the SFIS mailing list should email me here.

If you can’t make this month’s event, you can look forward to September, when Morgan Maki and Linh Phu of Bi-Rite Market will be giving a butchering demo!

Can’t wait to see you all!

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