Coop de Foudre

It seems that the time has finally come for the chickens to move into more permanent housing. When we got them, we were forced to build something fast. They seemed happy enough. They laid eggs. They filed in at night and put themselves to roost. We got lazy. Then the rats showed up.

I wasn’t terribly worried at first – we live in a city and rats are bound to lurk wherever food is available. The other morning, however, I woke up to a broken egg under their nesting platform. Time to motivate.

Christopher and I have been discussing chicken coop plans forever, it seems like. Do we buy a pre-fab coop, do we hire someone to build one, do we try to build one ourselves (scary!)? I’ve been looking over designs and plans for days. Some of the images I’ve come across are amazing.

We finally decided to design and build our own coop. With almost zero building experience, some hastily sketched blueprints, and borrowed power tools from the restaurant, we forged ahead.

Forekitten Gris-Gris was on the job, making sure everyone was following safety guidelines:

Waffles checks for structural soundness:

Christopher through the people door:

Slowly, the frame comes together:

And the walls go on:

Nesting boxes in!

and voila!

The girls are happy and safe and producing lovely and delicious eggs!

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