About SFIS

The San Francisco Information Society was born out of almost a year’s worth of conversations centering around social relationships and their ability to impact – for better or worse – one’s intellectual and creative development.

It is the intention of the San Francisco Information Society to promote a casual and open exchange of ideas and to encourage creative growth and collaboration.


2 Responses to About SFIS

  1. lynn says:

    Hi Niki, (I’m assuming this is Niki?) Wanted to drop a quick thank you, not only for the wonderful event last night but also for your blog which I’ve just been looking at. I’m resonating with it on a number of levels: here’s to everything that SFIS stands for; lets build the deepest, most meaningful social relationships we can. Very much looking forward to the next event, and I hope that at some future date I can contribute something to it myself.



    • sfis says:

      Thank you, Lynn! It was wonderful meeting you on Sunday and I look forward to seeing you again. It makes me so incredibly happy to know that other people are with me on this. I would LOVE for you to contribute something – if you have any thoughts, let’s talk!



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